• Topic

    The Yamas (Ahimsa)

  • Dates

    Sunday 21st June 10:00 – 13:30

  • Location

    Beetroot Sauvage Wellness centre
    (There is free parking on the premises)

  • Price

    • early birds is £35.
    • £40 if you book after the 21st of February

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What to expect

If you are interested in the ethics of the Yoga Philosophy and would like to learn more about it and how to apply some of those principles not just on, but off the mat, join me on the 21 of June at Beetroot Sauvage for a workshop on the first of the Yamas (social ethics).

We will talk about what is Yoga, ponder on the ideas of Ahimsa (non- violence)  and will take time to explore the diverse meanings depending on the different contexts of life. We will also have Asana practice (postures) tailored around these principles, Pranayama (breathing practice) and meditation.

The world doesn’t really need more people who can bend their bodies into amazing positions. What it needs are kinder, more compassionate, generous people.

Donna Farhi