YAM – Gaia Sanctuary project

The most important, valuable teaching in the Yoga philosophy it has to do with relationships, with the way we treat others. It is the principle of non-violence or Ahimsa in Sanskrit.

I try every day to understand the many ways this principle would apply in my life and put it into practice, sometimes more successfully than others.

This personal search has led me  to participate in a cause that represents the values of Ahimsa, creating  a collaboration that will help us raise money for the “Gaia Sanctuary” in Girona( Spain).

I guess you will be wondering where do you play a part on it?


Gaia Sanctuary

Here is the answer… Any earnings I will make from your YAM purchases will be donated in full to the Sanctuary, which is a rescue and recovery centre for animals considered livestock victims of exploitation, abuse or neglect, where they receive the necessary care to have a dignified life.

Please, let me explain that I am not trying to convert anyone to veganism with this cause. I don’t even agree about having to label ourselves in any way. I think human behaviour is much more complex than that. That a few labels don’t explain the full picture and reasoning behind each individual’s decisions.

What I would like to defend is the right of a life free from cruelty, slavery and exploitation of any form, for any animal, including humans.


YAM Mala beads

I first met Leyre, the founder and designer of YAM mala beads in Byron Bay, Australia. I instantly connected with her work and had the opportunity to witness how much intention and love she puts into her project. She makes beautiful Malas, which are a powerful and symbolic tool for Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. They are used to keep the focus on the repetition of breath counts or a mantra and are made of different gemstones which are said to have different properties, energies, and meaning.

We thought it would be great to team up and do something together. After a few chats, we decided to give form to our ideas through a collaboration that not only would help Leyre’s project but also we would be giving towards a cause we both believe in.

So here is the deal…

Please browse Yam Mala beads website or Instagram, make your order with them and in the “notes” section specify EVA-GAIA PROJECT. We will know you have been directed from my website, and my comission from the collaboration will go to sponsor hopefully many animals with our GAIA friends. (Free shipping for UK deliveries applies over £80 (150AUD)

Contact me

if you want to know more and I will get back to you shortly.