Sound Healing

In ancient times, the sound was used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation, and self-transformation. Luckily for us, the knowledge and skills of this art have been taught over many generations and are available in the present day.
I learned the art of the Singing Bowls in Nepal, from Shree Krishna Shahi, 3rd generation master/healer and the foremost pioneer of Singing bowl healing.

The Tibetan Singing bowls (also known as ‘Himalayan bowls’ ) are a kind of standing bell. The sides and rim of the singing bowls vibrate to produce a specific sound.
It can be used for numerous benefits. Just to name a few, rejuvenates mind, body and promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing since the vibrations help in clearing up mental and emotional blockages. (Chakra balancing) Also used as a tool for clearing up stagnated energy and cleansing of space.

I might use sound on 1-1 sessions, depending on the needs of the person, but I don’t take bookings for this specific therapy.

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