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    Morning ritual

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    Your home

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    • £25
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    • 7:30am to 8:00am

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What to expect

Join me in the early hours,  the first week of every month from the comfort of your home ( this is done via Zoom) to explore and learn about your energetic body  (Pranamaya kosha). We will be  using the breath as a primary tool, influencing it in different ways, since it is the  bridge between your concious and  your subconscious being. It is the connection between thought and emotion.
The morning is a perfect time for developing a ritual that promotes introspection, deep processing and quietness.

This morning ritual can help you develop a regular, personal daily practice, or you can just use this one week per month with me to reset your system and begin each month with a sense of  renewal and calm energy.

We start at 7,30am, with 5 minutes of  gentle movement,  just  enough to help you feel  more awake and get rid of the early morning stiffness.  After that  we focus each block  in one specific  Pranayama (breathing technique), so you can internalise it and keep practicing during the following weeks if you would like to.

Then we seat  in silence for about 15 minutes and witness the result of the practice, learning to develop sustained attention. Having created the right conditions, a moment of meditation could happen…

I usually send some more information every month before hand so that you can always  have it if you need to review it.

If you are feeling more private at that time of the morning,  you can opt to have your camera off, since this is  mainly an internal practice and I won’t need to verbally adjust your posture as I would do with Asana focused classes.

Booking information:

  –  First week of every month for 5 days (Monday to Friday) from 7:30 to 8am.

If you wish to go ahead with the booking click on the button ” Book your classes” and select on the calendar the dates you would like to book:

(Dates for Spring 2022 will be added soon)

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