Eva Alberiche

Accredited Yoga Teacher by the British Wheel of Yoga

My journey with Yoga started in 2008, attending Asana focused classes to unwind and experience something new, in my hometown, Barcelona. Now that I think about it, I was probably looking for some answers back then without knowing it yet.

Although I soon noticed the physical benefits in my body, I realised that this was also re-shaping me in a more subtle, intangible way. It was a transitional time for me for various reasons and I felt settled and found refuge in the practice. Even though I know now that the ancient Yoga teachings go much deeper than Asana, that was the door I had to enter to connect with myself and start to see from close my lights and shadows.

Fighting with self-discipline at first, I eventually committed to a regular practice through private lessons with a teacher that would introduce me into Krishnamacharya tradition. Fruit of this process, in 2011 I decided to embark on a 2 years teacher training in the same tradition I connected so deeply with and made all the sense to me. Still does.

Since then, and with the intention of inspiring myself as well as my students, I keep committed to the study and understanding of the Yoga teachings, also constantly learning about other topics that can give me a more rounded understanding of the complexities of human nature.

500h-CYT British Wheel of Yoga

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