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My journey with Yoga started in 2008, attending Asana focused classes to unwind and experience something new, in my hometown, Barcelona. Now that I think about it, I was probably looking for some answers back then without knowing it yet.

Although I soon noticed the physical benefits in my body, I realised that this was also re-shaping me in a more subtle, intangible way. It was a transitional time for me for various reasons and I felt settled and found refuge in the practice. Even though I know now that the ancient Yoga teachings go much deeper than Asana, that was the door I had to enter to  start doing the inner work and  get a closer look  of my lights and shadows.

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My Yoga teachings follow those of Krishnamacharya and his son Desikachar.

This approach is suited to adapt to the needs of any individual or group context, from the healthiest and most athletic student, to a gentle therapeutic practice for students with health issues, those who live with trauma or chronic conditions.
This methodology provides an experiential application of the Yoga philosophy through Asana and Pranayama, unfolding in a multi-layered, developmental practice that prioritises the breath as a primary tool to influence our emotional, mental, energetic and physical states.

“Some disturbances will respond to Āsana. Some of the more resistant, to Prāṇāyāma.” – T Krishnamacharya

Since I started teaching my relationship with Yoga has evolved in different ways, being influenced by certain teachers I find inspiring, but I keep trusting and coming back to the roots that Krishnamacharya tradition has given me and I am forever grateful to my teachers for brightening my path. I hope I can brighten someone else’s in return.

Honesty, respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard are humanist and yogic values that I try to reflect in my classes, also in the way I live my life and my relationships.

I teach independently, mostly private classes and I am also honoured to be part of “Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach” team, working on helping to make Yoga accessible to everyone, no matter their economic status or their physical/mental health state.

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Eva manages to combine an excellent personal manner, which puts everybody that ease, with an ability to push the participants of the class as far as their abilities will allow.
I have MS which leaves me with significant disabilities. I have been seeing Eva for more than three years now. I have had a number of the other previous yoga instructors. Where Eva excels is in her ability to tailor the exercises to individual’s differing abilities thus ensuring that everybody gets the maximum benefit from the session.
Eva is extremely knowledgeable in yoga and demonstrates real passion for its teachings and benefits. Her sessions are always well planned. I would heartily recommend anyone with an interest in yoga having a session with Eva.

I have been attending Eva’s yoga classes for the past couple of years.
I complete her classes re-charged, with a stronger knowledge of what ‘Yoga’ entails and a better understanding of the relationship I have with it, certainly from a personal perspective.
Eva is an honest yogi with depth, character, and compassion and her study portrays that, regularly taking you to a union and focus that I had never really experienced before. She has a soft nature, with an easy relaxed manner, however, she is a strong teacher with a clear direction.

Eva is an exceptional yoga teacher. Her classes are always delivered to a very high professional standard, carefully planned and expertly executed. All ages and abilities are catered for within the group and everyone feels included. Each week has sufficient variation built into the content to ensure that complacency does not set in. Standards are high and everyone is encouraged to go beyond the level to which they think they may be capable. Eva builds a secure and trustworthy environment in which all students can reach their potential.
Eva’s yoga class is the highlight of my week and carries me through each day until the next session.

Eva shares her yoga wisdom as she slowly awakens the body by leading the class through a series of carefully sequenced postures, the practice both subtle and vigorous, allowing mind body and spirit to come into true alignment.
she encourages us to practice self awareness by exploring our bodies, at our own pace and without criticism of judegment’
I arrive feeling rusty, stuck and exhausted – i leave feeling shiny glowing and free!

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